Jess and Janet take on gaming Bit By Bit…

Our YouTube channel features several video game related series, including:Bi

Bi-weekly Podcast: We discuss a video game topic (from industry practices to personal anecdotes, and everything in-between). Posted every other week and available on YouTube, Stitcher and iTunes.

Chicago Gaming Spotlight: We attend and cover a number of game-related events in the Chicago area, featuring video content from the event, the occasional interview with event organizers, and our impression of the event as a whole.

Gamer Girl Monthly Unboxings: We show off the jewelry and accessories that come in this $13 subscription box. Posted monthly.

Women in the Gaming Industry: We’re still working on an official title for our newest series, but we’ve begun to highlight women in the gaming industry for all of the amazing work they do. Videos can be on anyone from journalists, to developers, to professional gamers. Check out our first video in the series about Rebecca Cordingley!

Video Game Reviews: We play a game and give you an honest video review. We’re not shy about raving or ranting, so be prepared for some pretty strong opinions one way or another.

Key Items: In the spirit of “favorites” videos, (that typically discuss accessories, make-up, etc), we discuss our favorite nerdy items of the season. Watch us gush over comics, merch, clothing, video games, and more. Posted quarterly.