Bit By Bit is all about taking on the gaming world bit by bit: with each conversation we have, each game we play, each piece of games journalism we interact with, we are building our understanding and appreciation for video games.

Bit By Bit means we acknowledge that everything is a process. This is why we launched our channel when we were still in college, recording using Photobooth. This is why we are always creating new series, doing more on social media, and forever looking for ways to improve our content.

Why our work matters/ what makes us different: We take pride in how personal and specific our content is. We cover plenty of the big picture topics, such as E3 and upcoming consoles, but aren’t afraid to get incredibly niche (see: Jess’s failed Vampire Empire in Sims and Janet’s 99 Luft Balloons FIFA 17 tournament or us raving about lizard whistles and Bowser pants). We’re also really happy to talk about games, as two women, in a male-dominated industry. Our following has a lot of room to grow but hearing from women that “it’s nice to see two girls sit down and talk about games on camera” makes it all worth it.

Inspiration for Bit By Bit: The two of us (Jess and Janet) met in college and quickly became friends, bonding over various aspects of nerdom. We were already prone to gaming conversations and Janet wanted to make the coffee break series a YouTube reality. She got the idea from Rev3 Games’ Coffee Talks (a YouTube channel that’s no longer active) and after showing Jess a few of those videos she was on board! Since then, we’ve moved away from the “coffee break” structure, and expanded into a bi-weekly podcast and multiple series, such as our Key Items videos, spotlights on women in the gaming industry, unboxing videos, and more!